Writing, editing, proofreading, website writing, tender writing — how can Professional Word Services meet your needs?

WORDS — to Professional Word Services, they are gorgeous and wonderful things.

We love reading them, writing them, and editing or rewriting them until they are clear and concise. We also love making them enticing, exciting, compelling or thoughtful.

We love making words beautiful, in form and format. We have a passion for spelling, grammar and punctuation — all the niceties of the English language.

That’s why Professional Word Services exists — to put our passion and skill into the words you use to communicate with clients, staff, members, customers, prospects or readers.

If words are not your 'thing', then talk to us. We offer services as a professional writer, professional editor, proofreader, specialist website writer and tender writer that will improve the quality, clarity and effectiveness of the words in your business’s written communication.

We are Melbourne based, but through the resources of the Internet we work with clients Australia wide.

Call us today - 03 9583 5884 or 0418 532 114.

Latest addition to the Library: Simple rules for using possessive apostrophes

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Services available: Writing, editing, proofreading, website writer, tender writer, publication management

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