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Everyone can write, but few people are writers. Professional writing is an explicit skill, developed and honed over a long period by constantly doing it and by reading and writing over a wide range of subject areas.

At Professional Word Services, we have written, edited and read over a wide and diverse range of fields. We are experienced interviewers and we pride ourselves on being able to write on any topic.

We offer our writing skills in areas such as:

• Business profile writer / company profile writer.

A business or company profile is important in informing your prospect market about the quality and strengths of your business, its history and business philosophy, its service or product offerings, and its experience and achievements. Our business / company profile writer can create a simple or expanded profile of your business that will present a positive picture of what it offers.

• Tender writer / proposal writer.

Responding to a tender, with its masses of documentation, can be a daunting task. Do you have time to fit it in as well as do your primary job? Our professional and experienced tender writers are organised and methodical in tackling the detail of a tender response and ensuring it is submitted in the correct format by the due date. We work with you from your office during the response process to ensure we have ready access to all the information required. Read more on the tender writing page

• Awards entry writer.

Industry awards entries can be just as daunting, detailed and time-consuming as tender responses. Give your company an edge over the competition by using a professional awards entry writer to boost the quality and presentation of your submission. Your awards entry writer will ensure all the entry requirements are met and all materials are supplied in the correct format by the submission deadline.

• Company policy and procedure manual writer.

Our policy and procedures manual writer can transform your existing company manuals into user-friendly documents or write new ones from scratch using a technique called Information Mapping.® We can also write one-off policies or procedures for businesses that just need a few documents in writing, e.g. company car policy, harassment policy, so that it is clear to employees what standards of behaviour are expected. Read more on the policy and procedure writer page

• Co-writer or ghost writer of articles for publication.

Specialists, experts and executives are often invited to write articles for publication in print media or online. These are valuable opportunities to showcase your expertise. Ensure you supply the best possible article, on time, by having a professional business writer co-write with or ghost-write for you.

• Client case studies for marketing purposes.

Case studies offer an attractive mix of information about how you operate and client endorsement of your expertise and service in your chosen area. They can show why you are good at what you do in an easy-to-read, real-life format.

• General business collateral writer.

Professional Word Services can write, rewrite, refresh or update any of the general documentation in your business, such as brochures, business letter templates, manuals, etc.

We are Melbourne based, but through the resources of the Internet and modern communications options we work with clients Australia wide.

Is there a writing service you need that is not covered here? Please email or call to discuss your need. If we can’t help you, then there is a good chance we will know another writing specialist who can.

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