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Do you need a professional writer?

Client case studies for marketing purposes, co-writing or ghost-writing with an executive or technical expert, company/client/ member/staff or reader newsletters, website content, articles written of conference proceedings/seminars, articles to submit to trade publications, articles for publication in mainstream newspapers or magazines, business collateral (brochures, business letter templates). More about writing

Do you need an editor?

Improve the quality and effectiveness of existing material through editing of grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence construction, word usage, length, and assessment of overall logic and coherence. Rewrites can be provided where necessary.
More about editing

Do you need a proofreader?

Have your important documents checked before they become public or are presented to a client punctuation, grammar, spelling, consistency of style, sense, quality of content, whether more could be added to enhance the document, and whether it answers the questions asked or the client need specified.
More about proofreading

Do you need regular updating of your website content?

New content written, existing content updated as needed, superseded content removed promptly, day-to-day minor content corrections and changes. More about websites

Do you need policy and procedure manuals rewritten?

Have those difficult but necessary company documents such as policy and procedure manuals, instruction manuals, operational manuals, process manuals, employment manuals and more rewritten using Information Mapping into organised, structured and easily accessible manuals. More about policy and procedure manuals

We are Melbourne based, but through the resources of the Internet and modern communication options we work with clients Australia wide.


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