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Word Play – which word do you use?

Regularly posted Word Play tips will look at words that are often used incorrectly.

Word Play Tip #1: issue or edition?

In publications, an ‘issue’ is a discrete output, say, the January issue of a magazine. An ‘edition’ is when that January issue comes out in two or more versions, such as an Australian edition and a US edition.

Daily newspapers generally come out in editions; the newspaper published on 10 January 2011 may have come out in first, second and third editions (or more), with content changes between each one. (Editions are used to make corrections, to insert new stories or to include or update breaking news stories without halting production or disrupting distribution.)

Books also can be published in editions (you may see 2nd edition, 3rd edition on the imprint page), which denotes significant content changes over the earlier version.


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