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Good website writing makes your presence credible

Your website works ceaselessly for your organisation. It is your public face to potential customers all over the world, who can drop in any time to browse through what you offer. Your website always needs to be at its best — and getting better.

At Professional Word Services, we provide an array of options to help enhance the quality and effectiveness of your website.

We offer our skills in areas such as:

• Writing a new website from scratch.

Being the writer of a new website is tougher than it sounds and will probably take more time, effort and skill than you ever imagined. And you can’t just rely on great website visuals, because they mean nothing without the words that will inform your market and sell your offering. We can start by writing the basics of a good site and gradually build it over time according to your needs and budget.

• Word-based search engine optimisation. As part of writing a new website, we can do your SEO.

Professional Word Services has good skills in word-based search engine optimisation. We offer this as a bonus service when writing a new website or renovating an existing website (not as a stand-alone service). We have optimised our own website for Google, with much success! Test these keyword phrases; last time we checked they were all high up on the front page.

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For organisations seeking a specialist SEO service that focuses on generating website leads and then converting those leads into sales, we recommend Jim Stewart at Stew Art Media.

• Acting as your website content editor.

Once a website is live, its content must be continually updated, revised and enhanced — tasks that can end up in the ‘don’t have time’ basket. We can take over maintenance of website content, ensuring that existing content is updated as needed, day-to-day minor text changes and additions are completed promptly, superseded material is removed or archived, and new content is added regularly. Editor duties can also include writing or editing new content and revising, refreshing or rewriting existing content.

• Writing new website content.

This is another task that tends to get a low priority, yet new and useful content is what keeps people coming back to your site. As writers, we can gather information and write items of varying length (100-2000 words) to refresh and enhance your website.

• Editing and rewriting existing websites.

We can assess your existing website material and refresh and refocus it through editing, rewriting, or adding new material.

• Proofreading of existing sites or sites about to go live.

Let us check the spelling, grammar and punctuation of your existing website, or get us to do a final check of your copy before your new website goes live. Read more about our proofreading services

• Assessment of an existing site.

Is your website as good as you think it is? We can assess the words on your existing site — quality of writing and content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, ease of reading, basic presentation — and report on what changes would make them better servants of your needs.

We are Melbourne based, but through the resources of the Internet and modern communications options we work with clients Australia wide.

Is there a website writing or content service you need that is not covered here? Please email or call to discuss your need. If we can’t help you, then there is a good chance we will know other specialist writers who can.

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