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Website Review Service: are your words working for you?

Your website is your public face to potential customers, who can drop in at any time to browse through what you offer. Your professional-looking site may spark their initial interest, but once they start reading the words will they stay?

Professional Word Services’ Website Review Service will assess all the text on your site from the point of view of the customer.

  • Are your business messages clear?

  • Do you make a compelling offer?

  • Is your business passion obvious?

  • Do you focus on the customers’ needs and solving their problems, or on proclaiming what you do and how good you are?

The review will also include proofreading of all text for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, missing words, awkward phrasing, word repetition, uneven style usage (e.g. colour or color, online or on-line), superfluous words, clarity, use of capitals, outdated material, and material that needs replacing and/or rewriting. We will also check to see if you have the basics of search engine optimisation included in key areas.

Users of the review service will receive a print-out of their site with all suggested text changes/corrections marked plus a 1-3 page report that summarises the review’s findings and recommends ways in which the text could be improved.

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