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A proofreader is essential for accurate publication

Proofreading is perhaps the most neglected phase of the writing/publication process. Too often we trust the spelling and grammar checkers in our word processing programs, which miss errors (and create new ones) because they cannot read in context.

Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors or content inconsistencies in material that goes to clients or the public reflect poorly on your organisation. Professional Word Services offers its proofreading services for your important documents before they leave your hands.

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We offer our proofreading services in areas such as:

• Large documents.

Tenders, proposals, annual reports, manuals, submissions, white papers, public comment documents — anything that is going to clients or the public. Bring us in near the end of the process as the proofreader on the final or near-final version.

• Newsletters and magazines.

If you have already read the material in your publication five times and cannot possibly spot another error, then let us do the sixth proofreading. We can act as a regular proofreader for the latest issue of your print, online or in-house publication.

• Websites.

Have your website copy checked by an expert proofreader before it goes live, even if it has been written by a professional writer. You will be surprised what a fresh and experienced proofreader can spot in even the best copy. Or have your existing live copy assessed to help decide whether it needs to be edited, replaced or refreshed.

website review service

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• Business collateral.

Our proofreading service includes brochures, business letter templates, internal policies or manuals — any of the written documentation in your business.

We are Melbourne based, but through the resources of the Internet and modern communications options we work with clients Australia wide.

Is there a proofreading service you need that is not covered here? Please email or call to discuss your proofreading needs. If we can’t help you, then there is a good chance we will know other specialist proofreaders who can.


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