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Use policy and procedure manual writers in Melbourne to make your information accessible

Most organisations have various manuals – policy, procedure, instruction, safety, operational, employment and more – containing important information for employees that needs to be accessed regularly or even daily. However, staff often ignore these manuals because the information they contain is inaccessible – dense, poorly organised and presented, poorly written, lacking coherent structure – it’s all just too hard.

Professional Word Services' policy and procedure manual writer can transform that much-maligned manual into an easily accessible document using a technique called Information Mapping®.

Our writer can also work with you to research and write a new manual suited to your company’s needs. If your business only needs a few policies written – for example an employee car policy or a discrimination and harassment policy – then our policy and procedure manual writer can also assist with these.

Make your policy and procedure manual user friendly

Information Mapping® has been developed through research as a method to analyse, organise and present business communications in a format that makes it easy for readers to find and absorb the specific information they are looking for.

It is particularly suited to documents that have large amounts of complex, detailed or technical information that requires strict organisation and structure to make it accessible. Some examples are:

  • policy and procedure manuals
  • instruction manuals
  • occupational health and safety manuals
  • process manuals
  • operational manuals
  • standards manuals
  • reference manuals
  • training manuals
  • employment manuals.

Information Mapping® uses ‘blocks’ and ‘maps’ in a configuration of 7±2 to structure a document into parts, chapters and topics/sections. Information is organised according to seven principles: chunking, relevance, labelling, consistency, integrated graphics/media, accessible detail, and hierarchy of chunking and labelling.

Here are some examples of how Information Mapping® can transform the value and accessibility of a document.

Example 1: Working hours from a company manual

Company manual original

employment manual
Company manual mapped

employment manual mapped

Example 2: Mandatory reporting from a school policy manual

School manual original

policy manual
School manual mapped

policy manual mapped

If you want staff to actually use that manual, rather than having it sitting untouched on a shelf for mere compliance purposes, then consider having our writer re-create it through Information Mapping®.

We are Melbourne based, but through the resources of the Internet and modern communications options we work with clients Australia wide.

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